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How To Tell My Parents That I Have An Addiction?

Teen Addiction

It is a constant struggle among adolescents when it comes to confessing an addiction to their parents. Why? Because these teenagers are having a hard time finding the right words and timing.

With that, this article will give you an insight on how to find a seamless manner to confess to your parents. Continue reading to find out more.

What Makes Adolescents Abuse Drugs or Alcohol

Addiction in TeensWhen you reach your adolescent stage, it’s the peak time for your physical, emotional, and cognitive development. Likewise, it’s where you tend to explore new things and hang out with different people until you find the right friends that fit your personality.

However, it’s also at this time where you are exposed to unhealthy habits like misusing drugs or drinking alcohol. Here are some of the common reasons why most teenagers are pushed to abuse substances.

  1. Fitting In the Group

If you want to be accepted in the circle, then you must please your peers or do the things they are doing, which can include using illicit drugs or alcohol drinking.

  1. Boosting Performance During Exams and Sports

Oftentimes, exams, and schoolwork from different subjects can come on a tight deadline, so you will find something that can make you last longer, right? Well, that’s one of the main reasons why students or teens are misusing substances.

Furthermore, there are various kinds of prescription and OTC drugs abused by teens to enhance their performance, such as having enough energy to stay late at night.

  1. To Feel A Euphoric Effect

Adolescents can easily be swayed by euphoric experiences so they are more inclined to abusing illicit or prescribed drugs that give them that high feeling. Moreover, one gets to consume more to experience the same euphoric feeling on their succeeding usage.

  1. Self-medication

Besides enjoying a pleasurable feeling, most teenagers take drugs for self-medication, whether that is a prescription or OTC drug. Some of the commonly misused drugs are antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds.

  1. Curiosity

The adolescent phase is the peak of exploration among teenagers, so you and your peers are highly inclined to experimenting with various things. Moreover, a lot of high school students are engaged in alcohol drinking.

The Fear of Being Judged

Teel Parent Your AddictionFacing your parents and telling them that you are abusing substances or having an alcohol use disorder can be a worrying experience. You are probably scared that you might be lashed out and judged by everyone, including by your parents.

Is it a good idea to keep it to yourself? Well, keeping it will be a great burden, so opening up to your parents can provide great relief but more importantly, they can help you seek treatment.

if you are not sure what to say, you can try practicing in front of the mirror to gain more self-confidence.

Simple Tips Before Admitting To Your Parents For Your Addiction

It is never easy when you confess, especially when it is about abusing substances but you need to think of the bigger picture, that is, letting your parents know for they could help you with this problem

Here are some tips that will help you find strength in confessing to your parents.

  1. Find the Right Opportunity To Tell Your Parents

Hitting the right timing is very essential when you want to tell your parents an important thing. With that, you need to avoid those instances when they are highly pre-occupied or they are planning to go outside the house.

Avoid times when they are already angry or stressed about something else. Choose the moment where they have ample time for a heart-to-heart talk, so they will have sufficient time to absorb what you will be sharing.

  1. Make Sure You Are Sober During Your Confession

Despite committing such a mistake, you need to be sober on the day that you open up to them. Why? So that you are in the right mind and attitude when speaking with them. This can help you communicate your feelings more clearly.

  1. Tell Them Everything

Addiction in TeensThis is the moment that you have been waiting for, that is, opening up to your parents about your addiction. So you need to tell them everything to bring back their trust and show a genuine intention of achieving sobriety. By doing that, your burdened heart will be lighter and you’ll feel great relief afterward.

  1. Express Your Sincere Apologies

When you are engaged in this unhealthy behavior, you are hurting your family and loved ones because you are keeping secrets from them. There may be a few instances when you lied about things, just so you don’t get caught by your parents and siblings.

This is the best time that you say your deepest apologies to your parents for committing such a mistake. When they feel you’re sincere about it, they can understand you more and help you recover from addiction.

  1. Write A Letter to Them

If ever you don’t have enough courage to have a personal confession with your parents, then writing them a letter can be your second-best option. Nevertheless, when you have the guts to do it, you have to use your letter as a guide or script when talking to them.


Coming clean with your parents about your drug abuse or alcoholism is a daunting and scary scenario, yet it is a great stepping stone towards sobriety. No matter how scary it may seem, you have to gain the courage to open up to them.